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JasperandZoe.com Announces Healthy Dog of the Month!

Thank you to all the participants of JasperandZoe.com’s Healthy Dog of the Month contest.  We are thrilled to announce the October winner….  Meet Niko!

Niko, the yellow lab

Niko is a vivacious and carefree four year old yellow lab. She loves to play catch with her squeaky dumb-bell, swim in the family pool (even in the deep end), and patrol the yard for pesky intruders (i.e. squirrels). She even helps with housekeeping chores through gentle barks when an item is ill-placed (i.e. food in the bedroom), thereby alerting you to clean up. Although she can be quite a neat freak, don’t count on her to help you with locating missing socks! She can be quite stealthy in the laundry room and sneak off with a few pairs of socks if you are not paying attention. Her favorite treat is her daily organic gala apple that she gets in the morning. The apple helps to maintain her shiny yellow coat! Her quirky behavior, goofy smiles, and constant tail wags brings warmth and smiles to our family. She embodies the spirit of healthy and happy living!

As the winner, Niko is now featured on our home page!  If you would like to see your dog featured on our site in the future and receive shopping discounts, please click here for submission guidelines!


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Special Recognition of Our First Doggie Friend Featured on JasperandZoe.com

As we welcome Niko to the Jasper and Zoe family and she graces our home page for the next month, we would like to specially recognize Chloe Yorkshire for being part of our website launch.  She will be fondly embraced as a permanent member of our family.  We know Chloe has fans, so we provide her bio and website below for those who want to keep track of how she is doing.  Please visit our site and blog often, as we expand our Jasper and Zoe family!

Chloe on grass

Chloe Yorkshire was born in Fairfax, Missouri to a loving family who, for nearly 15 years, has been dedicated to breeding healthy and beautiful yorkshire terriers.  Chloe is three years old, weighs three pounds and comes from a highly pedigreed line of AKC Champions.  She was the first (from a litter of four) to be adopted at eight weeks and moved to live with her wonderful new family.  Chloe loves taking long walks in the morning and in the evening.  Although she may be tiny, she still gets plenty of exercise.  Because of her small frame, a special light weight harness helps keep her comfortable yet under careful leash at all times.  Healthy grooming is also key to her rambunctious outdoorsy lifestyle.  Yorkshire Terriers have thin silky hair, so it’s important to brush and keep tangles out of her lovely locks with a high quality doggy shampoo and conditioner along with a veterinarian approved flea and tick medicine.  Chloe has her teeth brushed every day and her eyes and ears cleaned with an all-natural solution every other day to keep her bright and alert.  Since moving to California with her family, Chloe’s been able to enjoy more time in the sunshine.  However, even doggies need protection, so she is applied a gentle dog-friendly SPF lotion on her sensitive skin when planning to be out at the beach with plenty of water and of course a cool umbrella for shade.

Chloe is a uniquely intelligent dog who not only loves adoration and attention, but absolutely enjoys being challenged during training times and learning new commands.  She is extremely inquisitive and is a very fast learner.  She responds to all basic commands such as, “sit” “stand” “come” “stay” “roll-over” “lay-down”, “jump” and “stand” to “twirling”, “bowing” fetching her toys, running to Daddy or Mommy, running to her designated mark on command, and giving kisses, along with a whole host of others.  She is studying to take her K-9 Good Citizen exam and is learning to become a Service Dog to add a little smile to those in need.  Chloe Yorkshire is a sweet, smart, bouncy and playful dog, and ensuring a healthy lifestyle is her Mommy & Daddy’s number one goal.

To learn more about Chloe and follow her developments, please see www.crookedcakes.com.



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Fantastic Art Bark Fest at Lake Tahoe – Plus Opportunities to Adopt a Dog!

September 19, Lake Tahoe, CA  – I accidently came across this wonderful festival during my vacation at Lake Tahoe.  It’s the 6th annual Art Bark Fest September 19-20, 2009  – Animal Art and Wine Festival at the Village at Squaw Valley.  The event was well attended by dog lovers and dogs of a wide variety of breeds – several were up for adoption by the Humane Society Truckee.  I fell in love with Charleston – the beautiful cocker spaniel who was even-tempered and well-socialized (see pictures below) – but my significant other and I could not adopt him today, and the Humane Society couldn’t hold him for us for a couple of weeks until we are ready.  If he’s not adopted by then, I definitely plan to bring him home, but the Humane Society is pretty confident that Charleston will find a home before then.  If you would like to provide a loving home for Charleston or other dogs, please contact the Humane Society Truckee, or contact me, and I will email you the info.

Now that I know about this annual festival, I will make every effort to return every year!


Founder, http://www.JasperandZoe.com

Art Bark Fest 2009 at Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe Dogs socializing with other dogs and peopleArt Bark FestCharleston - a cocker spaniel I wanted to adopt but couldn't - he was a beautiful, well-tempered and well-socialized dog.Charleston - one of several dogs who needs loving parents.Charleston

10% of all artwork sales at the event goes to The Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe so buy some great art at Art Bark Fest and help a great cause!

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Jasper and Zoe Offers Free Shipping for a Limited Time!

To welcome Fall, Jasper and Zoe is offering free shipping on all orders through 9/30.  Visit us for natural, eco-friendly, and luxury dog products that promote healthy and happy living.  Enter FREESHIP09 at checkout to get the free shipping.  Happy shopping!


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Top Dogs Over the Decades

The Today show showcased today the top dog breeds by the AKC.  What do you think?


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Leaving pets in a hot car is a crime

Campaign Warns ‘Leaving Pets in Hot Car Is a Crime’

California campaign warns dog owners of the consequences of leaving pets in cars.

Posted: September 14, 2009, 5 a.m. EDT

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has launched a campaign to remind pet owners that it’s against the law to

leave pets unattended in hot cars.

To help get the word out, the office is distributing free posters to veterinarians, business owners and residents. The poster

depicts a dog named Bilby sitting on a pan in an open oven that reads, “Hot Oven, Hot Car … It’s the Same Thing. Leaving

an animal in a hot car is a crime.”

“Leaving your dog in a hot car, even one parked in the shade, can be both a deadly mistake and a crime,” said Deputy

District Attorney Deborah Knaan, animal cruelty case coordinator. “If you love your dog, leave it home where it’s safe.”

Under California state law, pet owners who leave their animals unattended can be charged with a misdemeanor animal

endangerment and face up to six months in jail. If the animal dies, the owner could be charged with felony animal cruelty

and face up to three years in state prison.

Even on mildly warm days, when the temperature is 72 degrees or hotter outside, the temperature in a car can be more than

100 degrees, causing severe injury and death to animals, Knaan said.

Studies have shown that with the vehicle windows left slightly open, an outside temperature of 85 degrees can cause a

temperature of 102 degrees inside a vehicle within 10 minutes, and 120 degrees within half an hour, according to the District

Attorney’s office.

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Jasper and Zoe launches “Support the Canine Troops” Campaign

In support of our canine troops, 5% of your purchases in September will go towards supporting U.S. military service dogs. Enter code SERVICEDOG at checkout at Jasper and Zoe to support this cause. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49!

The use of dogs in war, whether as scouts, sentries or trackers, goes back hundreds of years, but since September 11, 2001, the Defense Department has increased the number of military dogs from 1,320 to 2,025, and many have served multiple tours.

Like new recruits, the dogs enter the military through boot camp, where they learn the canine version of soldiering:  basic obedience and how to detect explosives, navigate obstacle courses and sneak up on a house without barking.  They are exposed to the rat-tat-tat of rifles, loud noises and explosions so they can learn to stay cool under fire.  Although they are taught to bite and hold the enemy, they are not trained to kill, officials said.

Please know that by donating to the United States War Dogs Association, Jasper and Zoe is not supporting war or making any kind of political statement.  Instead, we are helping the organization with the cost of shipping dog products and food to our military K-9 friends who are serving side by side with their handlers, in recognition of the challenging and thankless job they do everyday in the service of our country.

If you support the heroism of our military dogs, please enter code SERVICEDOG at checkout, and 5% of your purchase will go to the United States War Dogs Association.  Thank you.

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