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Jasper and Zoe launches “Support the Canine Troops” Campaign

In support of our canine troops, 5% of your purchases in September will go towards supporting U.S. military service dogs. Enter code SERVICEDOG at checkout at Jasper and Zoe to support this cause. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49!

The use of dogs in war, whether as scouts, sentries or trackers, goes back hundreds of years, but since September 11, 2001, the Defense Department has increased the number of military dogs from 1,320 to 2,025, and many have served multiple tours.

Like new recruits, the dogs enter the military through boot camp, where they learn the canine version of soldiering:  basic obedience and how to detect explosives, navigate obstacle courses and sneak up on a house without barking.  They are exposed to the rat-tat-tat of rifles, loud noises and explosions so they can learn to stay cool under fire.  Although they are taught to bite and hold the enemy, they are not trained to kill, officials said.

Please know that by donating to the United States War Dogs Association, Jasper and Zoe is not supporting war or making any kind of political statement.  Instead, we are helping the organization with the cost of shipping dog products and food to our military K-9 friends who are serving side by side with their handlers, in recognition of the challenging and thankless job they do everyday in the service of our country.

If you support the heroism of our military dogs, please enter code SERVICEDOG at checkout, and 5% of your purchase will go to the United States War Dogs Association.  Thank you.

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