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A Very Special Thanksgiving Sale

Save 30% today through 11/30 while fighting against animal cruelty!  Use code THANKSGIVING30 at checkout for the savings on JasperandZoe.com, and 10% of all profits will go towards efforts at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Did you know that every year, 6 to 8 million dogs and cats enter shelters, and 3 to 4 million shelter dogs and cats are killed?  Did you also know that most pet store puppies (and 80% of the American Kennel Club’s business) come from puppy mills, mass-breeding operations in which ill, suffering dogs are kept in deplorable conditions?  They breed between 2 and 4 million puppies each year.

ASPCA speaks up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  The non-profit organization provides local and national leadership in three key areas:  caring for pet parents and pets, providing positive outcomes for at-risk animals and serving victims of animal cruelty.  It is the first humane organization to be granted legal authority to investigate and make arrests for crimes against animals.

We at JasperandZoe.com love animals and do not tolerate animal cruelty, so we wholeheartedly support ASPCA’s mission.  Will you join us in the fight?  10% of all profits generated during the Thanksgiving sale November 27-30 midnight PST will go towards supporting ASPCA’s cause.   Thank you in advance for joining the efforts.

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Dog’s Dental Hygiene

Dog dental hygiene is just as important as human dental hygiene.   Unfortunately, dog’s dental health is sometimes overlooked.  Many people seem to just expect dogs to have bad breath, and few people brush their dogs’ teeth frequently enough.

Common symptoms of dog dental hygiene problems are often similar to humans: bad breath, blood in the saliva, broken teeth, drooling, loss of appetite, swollen, bleeding gums and yellow-brown tartar at the gum line.  You should contact your vet if your dog is experiencing the more severe symptoms.

These symptoms could mean your dog has one of the following dog dental hygiene problems:

  • Gingivitis is a gum disease that causes inflammation of the gum tissue.  It can lead to periodontitis , bone loss and eventually loss of teeth.
  • Periodontitis disease is the most common dental problem for dogs.  It is caused by plaque (a mixture of food remnants, cell mucus, saliva and bacteria) and can be identified by a milky-white film on the gums and teeth.  When mixed with saliva, plaque turns into tartar which cements itself to your dog’s teeth.  (Note that plaque turns into tartar within 24-48 hours so frequent brushing is recommend.) It also eats away at the bone that holds your dog’s teeth by working its way underneath the gums.  In advanced cases, infection can enter the blood stream, even causing kidney and heart disease.
  • Tooth fractures are the second most common problem in dog dental hygiene.  They are caused by simply biting down on something hard such as bones, sticks, rocks and some nylabone toys and can lead to infection inside the tooth (called endodontic disease).  Avoid tooth fractures by buying appropriate dog chew toys.

As with all health and wellness related issues, good dog teeth care begins with solid preventive care:

  • Brushing at least twice a week as recommended by veterinarians
  • Healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Regular visits to the veterinarian, which should include an oral check-up and teeth cleaning
  • Discuss your planned teeth-brushing with your vet prior to beginning.  If your dog has unhealthy gums or broken teeth, brushing may be painful and you should use gentler options.

Wondering what parts of your dog’s mouth to focus on?  Plaque build-up is most common on the upper teeth, so that is always the place to start.  Dogs only produce plaque on the outside of their teeth and gum line, so do not worry about brushing the inside.

Brushing a dog’s teeth is easier than brushing your own.  Their narrow teeth are spaced more widely than human teeth, eliminating the need for flossing.  Their teeth only touch in one or two places.  A toothbrush can reach 90% of the areas that need to be brushed.  Recommended steps for brushing are as follows, or consult your veterinarian to have him/her demonstrate:

  1. At first, only briefly hold and look into your dog’s mouth – but do it often.
  2. Once comfortable with allowing you to look, start to massage the gums a little.  Move in gentle circles around the outside of the gums and teeth.  Do this quickly at first, and spend a little more time with each attempt.
  3. Now it’s time to introduce a brush.
  4. Let the dog taste the toothpaste before attempting to brush his teeth.  Allow him to lick the toothpaste off your brush.  When he has tasted the toothpaste, reapply paste to the brush and start brushing in a circular motion.
  5. Keep your dog calm and relaxed by praising him and stroking his neck area.  When your dog is relaxed, pull back his lips and cheeks to gain access to the premolars and molars.
  6. Be patient – it takes some dogs over a month to get used to it.  How long would it take YOU to get used to someone grabbing your face and putting something into your mouth?

Depending on the individual dog, professional tooth cleaning is recommended every one to three years.  This cleaning, which takes place under general anesthesia, consists of scaling to remove tartar above and below the gum line; polishing to smooth the surface of the teeth; and flushing to dislodge tartar and bacteria.

The act of brushing a dog’s teeth twice weekly, while initially daunting, becomes easier with practice and routine.  Caring for your dog’s dental hygiene will assure good dental health and prevent many more serious dental and medical problems as he ages.

Ultimately you want your dog to get excited when the toothbrush comes out.  Believe it or not, this can eventually be fun for them.  So remember, be gentle, go at your dog’s own pace, and reward with a treat, trip outside, a game or whatever they like most.

For your dog dental hygiene shopping list:

  1. Dog toothpaste: Always use a specially formulated dog toothpaste.  Because dogs can’t rinse and spit after a brushing, the paste must be safe for pets to swallow.  Some human toothpastes contain detergents which can irritate pet’s stomachs, and, in addition, large quantities of ingested fluoride can harm pets.

For small and medium sized dogs, we recommend Cain & Able – KissAble Toothpaste and Toothbrush combo to get your dog started.  The vanilla flavored toothpaste is all natural and great for dogs.  $11.

Cain & Able KissAble Toothbrush & Toothpaste Combo



For large dogs, we recommend using soft human brush (see below) and again the Cain & Able toothpaste is great for its all natural ingredients and flavor.

2. Dog toothbrush: Most dog dental kits contain a toothbrush and toothpaste sold together.  If using a human toothbrush, pick a soft, nylon bristle, and, for a smaller dog, child-sized brush.  Finger brushes can be purchased as well.  These fit on a fingertip and allow owners easier access to their dogs’ mouths.

3.  Chew toys: Dogs love to chew.  Why not give them something to chew on that will also be good for their teeth?  Nylabone toys reduce plaque build-up and massage your dog’s gums for good dental health.  These long-lasting, rubber chew toys are flavored with real meat juices and designed to wear down slowly.   Available at most large pet stores.

We recommend Doggles rope toys in a variety of animal shapes available at JasperandZoe.com.  These toys are made from cotton thread and are hand tied.  The rope helps to remove plaque while the pulling action keeps teeth strong.  Proven to improve dental health and guaranteed to provide hours of chewing and tugging fun!


Doggles Rope Toy

4.  Teeth-cleaning or fresh breath treats: There are many good, healthy choices available for teeth-cleaning and fresh breath treats.  Look for natural, organic ingredients as the healthiest option for your dogs.

We recommend Dogswell Biscuits with Benefits – Breathies Chicken 10 oz.  Made with protein-rich, all natural chicken breast, these scientifically formulated and lovingly prepared dog treats are made especially to quickly freshen breath.  Available in different flavors.  $5

Dogswell Dog Treats

We also recommend Zuke’s Performance Pet Nutrition Treats – Z-Ridge Fresh Breath (available for different sized dogs – please select based on your dog’s weight).   These treats naturally cleans teeth and freshens breath without wheat, corn, or artificial fresheners.  $14

Zukes Dental Chew Treats


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10 Tips for Brushing Your Dog’s Coat

Tips for grooming your dog – courtesy of Dogchannel.com.

1. Match the brush to your dog’s coat type. Use a curved wire slicker or pin brush for long-haired breeds (such as Lhasa Apsos and Old English Sheepdogs), a regular wire slicker on medium or short coats with dense undercoat (Terriers, German Shepherd Dogs and American Eskimos), and a mitt or rubbery curry with smooth-coated breeds (Labrador Retrievers and Basset Hounds).

2. Spray on coat conditioner such as mink oil or other product before brushing to help loosen knots and tangles in long coats.

3. Brush and comb your dog before bathing. Tangles become tighter and more difficult to remove when wet.

4. Brush systematically. Professional groomers often begin with the dog’s hindquarters and leave the head and ears for last. The theory: If a dog can’t see what’s happening, he will be less likely to object. Develop a brushing pattern, and use it every time. You won’t lose your place or miss a spot, and your dog will learn what to expect.

5. Brush the entire coat down to the skin but do not brush the skin. Scraping the brush against your dog’s skin can cause “brush burn” — irritated, red skin that can require veterinary attention. Brush gently on tender areas, such as the tummy and inside the legs.

6. Concentrate on one section and one layer of the coat at a time. Part the coat by pushing it back with one hand and brushing the hair down a little at a time with the other. Use quick, deep strokes.

7. Take your time. Brushing out a coat, especially on heavy-coated breeds such as the Cocker Spaniel, can be hard work and time-consuming.

8. Comb after brushing to remove remaining tangles and knots.

9. Clip badly matted short coats and let them grow out.Spare your dog the pain and irritation of hours of detangling.

10. Praise and reward your dog. After all, this is a team effort!


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Free Wagatha’s Organic Dog Treats w/Every Order Today!

In honor of Veteran’s Day, JasperandZoe.com is offering free Wagatha’s organic dog treats with every order today!  Today only, while supplies last.  Shop now!


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Free Complete Natural Nutrition Dog Treat with Every Order Today!

Happy Friday!   JasperandZoe.com is offering a free healthy dog treat with every order today!  Enter code FRIDAYTREAT at checkout.  While supplies last.  Visit www.JasperandZoe.com.


Complete Natural Nutrition - Cheese Please

Dogs love cheese and Complete Natural Nutrition’s Cheese Please is the healthiest and most wholesome way for them to enjoy pure cheese. It starts with real Wisconsin cheese that is produced with low salt and 99% lactose free and then crumbled and baked. Nothing else is added making it healthier than supermarket cheese. The result is mini crunchy-nuggets full of 100% natural goodness with only 3 calories per nugget. Cheese Please is an ideal treat for training or spoiling. And because Cheese Please can be easily crumbled, the smallest of dog breeds can enjoy the awesome taste of real cheese. For finicky pets that needs enticement during meal time, Cheese Please can be crumbled and mixed into kibble to create a dining delight. With no grains, no wheat, no corn and no soy, dogs with allergies can still enjoy Cheese Please.

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Free NuHemp Protective Balm for Your Dogs Today!

The season is changing, and the elements can be harsh on your dog’s paws.  Today only, JasperandZoe.com is offering free NuHemp Protective Balm on all orders $20 and up to keep your dog’s paws soft and moisturized.  Enter PAWS at checkout.  Offer ends 12 midnight PST.  Hurry while supplies last!


NuHemp PAWZitive Therapy

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How to Choose a Dog Bed

There are so many bed choices for different breeds and sizes of dogs.  It can be quite tricky and confusing to choose the best bed suited for your dog.  Your choice of beds is a function of your personal taste, your dog’s needs based on age (arthritis, age) and how your dog likes to sleep.  At JasperandZoe.com, we offer a variety of comfortable styles and eco-friendly choices to meet individual needs. 

Here is a quick comparison chart (a product gets the highest five-star rating if it meets all quality criteria):

Type of Bed / Product Jasper and Zoe Rating (1-5) Breeds Eco-Friendly Stain, Moisture, Odor Resistant Washable
Classic Beds – Crypton






Bolster Beds – Crypton


Small to Medium Breeds (several beds for large breeds)




Snuggle Beds – MultiPet


Small breeds




Orthopedic Beds – K&H Pet Products


All – Great for dogs suffering from hip and joint pain




Travel Beds – Doggles






Travel Beds – New York Dog






There are three “core” choices when selecting a bed:

1. Styles: such as “Classic”, “Bolster/Nesting”, Orthopedic and Travel as indicated in the sections below.

2. Stuffing: There are 4 options.

  • Polyfil – There are two types of polyfil:  High Loft Fibers Lowest priced models made with recycled plastics such as drink bottles;  Baffled Polyfil The bed contains tubes that have polyfil. Each tube acts as a separate section which moves with your dog for comfort.
  • Box Spring – Provides good support like a human mattress
  • Foam – Conforms to your dog’s body.  Foam options include a classic approach and beds made for orthopedic support. This is preferred choice for owners that have dogs that need orthopedic help or are older.
  • Combination – Found in premium priced mattresses and tend to the most comfortable.

3. Price: Prices range from $10 to hundreds of dollars depending on the fill and type.

Styles of Beds: 

Classic Canine Bed

These dog beds look rather like a mattress for people. They work well for medium to large breeds. There is plenty of room to stretch out on them. They are typically made with polyfil or foam. Some options are waterproof or come with covers that can be washed.

We recommend our eco-friendly Crypton Pomelo Rotator Pet Bed designed by William Wegman in three convenient sizes – ideal for small to large breeds.  Easy to clean, stain, moisture, and odor resistant.  Machine washable cover.  Or choose from our wide selection of Crypton beds.  Click on image for more information or to shop.


Crypton Pomelo Rotator Pet Bed (William Wegman)


 Bolster or Nesting Canine Bed

Then there is either round or rectangular bolster bed that most people have seen.  It has soft sides and a cushioned bottom. It is covered with something soft and cozy like fleece. The cover may or may not be removable for washing. These beds are good for medium to small breeds.  Some manufacturers make these beds for larger breeds.

See our eco-friendly Crypton Rotator Bolster Pet Bed designed by William Wegman in round (Hot Chocolate) or rectangular (Midnight Black) in three convenient sizes.

Crypton – Midnight Rotator Bolster Bed (William Wegman)



Snuggle Bed

Smaller dogs love the security of deep, overstuffed, pillow-type beds. Round, oval, or square-walled beds are often the best choice for small breeds.  These beds are covered with something like suede or fleece, and are very comfortable and cozy.  Your dog can snuggle right into them.

We recommend our Multipet – YAWNZ BEDS – Slooshi Oval Bed made of durable woven chenille on the exterior and chocolate brown fleece in the interior.  Cushion is removable and reversible – one side fleece, one side exterior pattern.  100% machine washable.

Available in 2 sizes:
18″ (interior measures 12″)
22″ (interior measures 15″)


MultiPet - YAWNZ Beds - Slooshi Oval Bed


Orthopedic Dog Bed

These canine beds are made for dogs with arthritis or other joint problems. They are designed to provide extra support and are made with special kinds of foam inside. They may be more costly than other types of beds, but are worth looking into if your dog has joint problems.

Shown below our orthopedic memory foam sleeper by K&H Pet Products in Mocha and Sage in three sizes:

K&H Pet Products – Memory Sleeper


Travel Bed

Do you take your dog wherever you go? 

Doggles Travel Dog bed with matching tote may be a good option for you.  The travel bed with integrated, attached stuff sack allows for easy and portable travel.  Super thick and dense inner fill is the best on the market and will not bunch or deform in the washer.  Microfiber top and nylon bottom are stain and water resistant.  Available in one size:  39” x 30”.

Doggles Travel Dog Bed

Doggles Matching Tote for Travel Bed


If you like to travel in style with your dog, New York Dog’s tent beds are one of a kind.  Plush fabric interior, removable and machine washable plush pillow, multi-striped canvas and plush fabric exterior.  The bed collapses into a carry case for travel and storage.  Spot clean.  Measures 21” x 21” x 17.5”


New York Dog - Hamptons Tent Bed

 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the beds featured on JasperandZoe.com.

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