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Reviews on Innovative Dog Collars

We at JasperandZoe.com actively seek out innovative products, and in our search we recently came across a couple of innovative dog collars that we love for our puppy Jasper and are excited to share with you.

Jasper is a very active dog who loves running in dog parks and in open fields.  We needed something that would provide good visibility and withstand wear and tear on a daily basis, but then on those occasions when we take him to an open field so he can run off leash at night, we needed something that would provide extra visibility and equal durability.  We found two innovative collars that met our precise needs.

The Nit Ize Nite Dawg Light Up Collar keeps Jasper and me safely visible in low light and night conditions.  It features LED flash or glow illumination to help keep a dog safe.  The adjustable collar is made of strong red or orange nylon webbing with weather resistant enclosed switch.  A 200-hour battery is included and replaceable.  Check out the collar on our site, and other innovative products by Nit Ize.  We recommend the collar so much that we are offering it on sale for $12.00 for all sizes.  At this price, you may want to buy more than one!

We also found the Mendota DuraFlect Standard Collar to be fantastic for our daily use.  It has poly-coated nylon webbing and is extremely durable.  It also resists chewing, fading, and provides moisture and odor absorption.   Great for Jasper who is playful and likes getting dirty!  This collar is currently on sale for $15.00.

In a nutshell, we love the reflective collar, because it does not require a battery and we can use it on a daily basis to provide us with the standard level of visibility we need.  On those occasions when extra visibility is needed, we turn to the Nit Ize collar, which offers up to 1000 feet visibility.

Check out our innovative collars.  As always 10% of our profits supports ASPCA to fight against animal cruelty.  Happy shopping, and keep your dogs safe!

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Celebrating Fourth of July with Dogs

Fourth of July is about celebrating and appreciating the freedom we have today.  We usually celebrate with our family, friends, food and fun.  Of course, we want our dog to be around for the festivities.  But like any other summer celebration, the 4th of July holiday comes with some potential hazards.  Here is what you can do to keep your dog safe.

Fireworks. Fireworks and dogs do not agree with each other.  Even the bravest dogs can be terrified by their sound.  Keep your dog away from fireworks displays, and if you plan to go see fireworks, leave your dog at home.  If fireworks can be heard near your home, keep your dog indoors, and give him/her a safe place to curl up.

Heat. The heat of the day can be detrimental to your dog’s health.  Exercise your dog during the cooler times of the day, and keep him/her in a cool environment during hot times of the day.  Make sure to keep your dog hydrated.  Always carry dog-dedicated water and foldable water bowl on walks and hikes.  At JasperandZoe.com, we love the Water Rover bottle.  You unplug, lay it flat, and the water automatically flows into the round bowl, then you tip the extra water back into the bottle, and close the bottle – very easy and convenient.  We carry the Water Rover with us when we are out with Jasper with ice cubes inside, and he is cool and happy.

Check out the different sizes and colors.

Water Rover Bottle

At JasperandZoe.com we wish you and your dog a very happy and safe 4th of July holiday.  To help you celebrate, we are offering you and your family and friends 35% off all orders from now through July 5, 2010.  Enter code “JULY4” at checkout.  As always 10% of our profits supports ASPCA to fight against animal cruelty.  Happy Independence Day!

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