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Can Dogs Get Colds?

Can dogs get colds? They sure can! Colds in dogs are pretty common and are often caused by the various germs and viruses. Symptoms of a cold include: cough, runny eyes, yellowish green discharge from the nose, and frequent sneezes.

Can dogs get colds from humans though?  No.  While dogs suffer from a number of respiratory illnesses which may seem quite similar to the common cold symptoms in humans, there is no way humans can infect dogs.  Dogs can, however, contract a cold by being in close contact with an already infected dog.  So if you suspect your dog of suffering from a cold, keep him away from other dogs to avoid any kind of further infection spread.  Give him plenty of time to rest and recover.  Please consult your vet for cold remedies.

We wish you and dogs good health!


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  1. This is very good information. Thank you for sharing

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