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Celebrate National Dog Day!

Today, August 26, is National Day!  JasperandZoe.com would like to offer some thoughts to get your dog to howl with glee.

  • Remember why you have a dog – Make your dog a part of your family. Spend time with him and train him so he’s a pleasure to be around. Love him unconditionally, and rejoice in the love and trust that is returned to you ten-fold.
  • Commit to walking your dog – Walking your dog is not only important for the physical well-being of your dog, but it’s important for your relationship with your dog. It’s opportunity to bond. It’s also good for your own personal well-being to get out, take in some fresh air, and take a break from the hectic human life.
  • Evaluate the canine diet – Is your four-legged best friend getting all the nutrients he needs? Make sure the kibble you feed is high, premium quality. Research and read the ingredients to make informed judgments. Also remember that their ancestors are wolves that live in the wild, so there’s nothing wrong with cooking high-quality meat and offering it with kibble to your dog. At home, we always cook for our Jasper organic and natural foods and serve with high-quality kibble. Please consult with your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet and to understand any allergies and food sensitivities your dog may have. Just as every person is different, every dog is different.
  • Take care of those canine teeth – Your dog may devour everything you put in his bowl or beg nonstop for treats, but he won’t be able to enjoy everything you offer him if he develops dental issues. There are dental gels in the stores that you can apply on your dog’s teeth daily. Consult your veterinarian for a routine that will ensure your dog’s dental hygiene.
  • Develop a good relationship with your veterinarian – Just like people, dogs need regular medical care; semi-yearly checkups can often result in the early detection of a health problem.

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