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Our website is Heartbleed Free!

Your personal and private information is of the utmost importance to us.

You may have heard that an Internet bug by the name of Heartbleed was discovered and disclosed through major news outlets a few days ago. Reports have indicated that the bug could affect many popular websites and services.

Rest assured the JasperandZoe.com website is free of the bug!

In response to the Heartbleed bug, we have completed a scan of our Internet site with an industry-standard toolset to verify that our website is free of the Heartbleed vulnerability. In addition, we constantly monitor our environment to ensure the safe use of our website.

As an added measure of safeguard, we would like to offer some suggestions to help you check your personal and private information when you are on the Internet. Your first step should be to check websites you commonly use for their responses to the Heartbleed bug. Follow their instructions for updating your protection. You can check whether your commonly used websites are vulnerable to Heartbleed bug by using this tool: https://lastpass.com/heartbleed/. In addition, it’s always good security practice to establish unique passwords for each website or service and to change these account passwords every ninety days.

Thank you for trusting our website and we appreciate your business.



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Wanted: Your dog tips and stories!

We are looking for stories and experiences to share with the JasperandZoe.com community on this blog.  If you have something that could help other dog lovers or simply have a funny story or a question, please feel free to post or email us at info@jasperandzoe.com, and we will be happy to post for you for community feedback!  All posts will receive 10% off your next order on JasperandZoe.com!

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JasperandZoe.com’s 2011 Calendar Coming Soon!

We are so excited – we are finalizing the 2011 calendar, and it is looking gorgeous thanks to our doggie stars!  The pictures of the winning dogs will be posted here on our blog and on our Facebook page in a few days, as soon as we send the calendar to production.  Stay tuned!

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JasperandZoe.com Offers Free Shipping and New 365 Day Return Policy

In celebration of JasperandZoe.com’s one year anniversary, the company has permanently changed its shipping and return/exchange policy to enhance customer service. To top things off for a limited time as an anniversary special, get 50% off everything by entering code BDAY50 at checkout.

JasperandZoe.com believes strongly in making the customer experience as positive and easy as possible. So if a customer is not 100% satisfied with a purchase, for whatever reason, she can return it for either a full refund, exchange, store credit, or have a donation made to the ASPCA.org, which is an option that is unique to JasperandZoe.com. The donation to help fight against animal cruelty can be made in the customer’s name in the amount of the items being returned. Time frame for return? 365 days. The company understands that life happens, and you may need more than the two weeks or 30 days that traditional retailers offer for returns and exchanges. All they ask is that the items are returned in the same condition in their original packaging.

The company also appreciates the fact that the economy is challenging, but dog care and service do not need to be compromised in today’s environment, so they are also offering free shipping all orders – regardless of order size. Unlike many other online retailers, there is no fine print or exceptions. What is free at JasperandZoe.com is indeed free.

In addition to the generous new shipping and return policy, customers can feel good about their purchases – 10% of profits goes to support ASPCA to fight against animal cruelty. Happy shopping, and keep your dogs happy and safe!

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Free NuHemp Protective Balm for Your Dogs Today!

The season is changing, and the elements can be harsh on your dog’s paws.  Today only, JasperandZoe.com is offering free NuHemp Protective Balm on all orders $20 and up to keep your dog’s paws soft and moisturized.  Enter PAWS at checkout.  Offer ends 12 midnight PST.  Hurry while supplies last!


NuHemp PAWZitive Therapy

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How to Choose a Dog Bed

There are so many bed choices for different breeds and sizes of dogs.  It can be quite tricky and confusing to choose the best bed suited for your dog.  Your choice of beds is a function of your personal taste, your dog’s needs based on age (arthritis, age) and how your dog likes to sleep.  At JasperandZoe.com, we offer a variety of comfortable styles and eco-friendly choices to meet individual needs. 

Here is a quick comparison chart (a product gets the highest five-star rating if it meets all quality criteria):

Type of Bed / Product Jasper and Zoe Rating (1-5) Breeds Eco-Friendly Stain, Moisture, Odor Resistant Washable
Classic Beds – Crypton






Bolster Beds – Crypton


Small to Medium Breeds (several beds for large breeds)




Snuggle Beds – MultiPet


Small breeds




Orthopedic Beds – K&H Pet Products


All – Great for dogs suffering from hip and joint pain




Travel Beds – Doggles






Travel Beds – New York Dog






There are three “core” choices when selecting a bed:

1. Styles: such as “Classic”, “Bolster/Nesting”, Orthopedic and Travel as indicated in the sections below.

2. Stuffing: There are 4 options.

  • Polyfil – There are two types of polyfil:  High Loft Fibers Lowest priced models made with recycled plastics such as drink bottles;  Baffled Polyfil The bed contains tubes that have polyfil. Each tube acts as a separate section which moves with your dog for comfort.
  • Box Spring – Provides good support like a human mattress
  • Foam – Conforms to your dog’s body.  Foam options include a classic approach and beds made for orthopedic support. This is preferred choice for owners that have dogs that need orthopedic help or are older.
  • Combination – Found in premium priced mattresses and tend to the most comfortable.

3. Price: Prices range from $10 to hundreds of dollars depending on the fill and type.

Styles of Beds: 

Classic Canine Bed

These dog beds look rather like a mattress for people. They work well for medium to large breeds. There is plenty of room to stretch out on them. They are typically made with polyfil or foam. Some options are waterproof or come with covers that can be washed.

We recommend our eco-friendly Crypton Pomelo Rotator Pet Bed designed by William Wegman in three convenient sizes – ideal for small to large breeds.  Easy to clean, stain, moisture, and odor resistant.  Machine washable cover.  Or choose from our wide selection of Crypton beds.  Click on image for more information or to shop.


Crypton Pomelo Rotator Pet Bed (William Wegman)


 Bolster or Nesting Canine Bed

Then there is either round or rectangular bolster bed that most people have seen.  It has soft sides and a cushioned bottom. It is covered with something soft and cozy like fleece. The cover may or may not be removable for washing. These beds are good for medium to small breeds.  Some manufacturers make these beds for larger breeds.

See our eco-friendly Crypton Rotator Bolster Pet Bed designed by William Wegman in round (Hot Chocolate) or rectangular (Midnight Black) in three convenient sizes.

Crypton – Midnight Rotator Bolster Bed (William Wegman)



Snuggle Bed

Smaller dogs love the security of deep, overstuffed, pillow-type beds. Round, oval, or square-walled beds are often the best choice for small breeds.  These beds are covered with something like suede or fleece, and are very comfortable and cozy.  Your dog can snuggle right into them.

We recommend our Multipet – YAWNZ BEDS – Slooshi Oval Bed made of durable woven chenille on the exterior and chocolate brown fleece in the interior.  Cushion is removable and reversible – one side fleece, one side exterior pattern.  100% machine washable.

Available in 2 sizes:
18″ (interior measures 12″)
22″ (interior measures 15″)


MultiPet - YAWNZ Beds - Slooshi Oval Bed


Orthopedic Dog Bed

These canine beds are made for dogs with arthritis or other joint problems. They are designed to provide extra support and are made with special kinds of foam inside. They may be more costly than other types of beds, but are worth looking into if your dog has joint problems.

Shown below our orthopedic memory foam sleeper by K&H Pet Products in Mocha and Sage in three sizes:

K&H Pet Products – Memory Sleeper


Travel Bed

Do you take your dog wherever you go? 

Doggles Travel Dog bed with matching tote may be a good option for you.  The travel bed with integrated, attached stuff sack allows for easy and portable travel.  Super thick and dense inner fill is the best on the market and will not bunch or deform in the washer.  Microfiber top and nylon bottom are stain and water resistant.  Available in one size:  39” x 30”.

Doggles Travel Dog Bed

Doggles Matching Tote for Travel Bed


If you like to travel in style with your dog, New York Dog’s tent beds are one of a kind.  Plush fabric interior, removable and machine washable plush pillow, multi-striped canvas and plush fabric exterior.  The bed collapses into a carry case for travel and storage.  Spot clean.  Measures 21” x 21” x 17.5”


New York Dog - Hamptons Tent Bed

 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the beds featured on JasperandZoe.com.

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Special Recognition of Our First Doggie Friend Featured on JasperandZoe.com

As we welcome Niko to the Jasper and Zoe family and she graces our home page for the next month, we would like to specially recognize Chloe Yorkshire for being part of our website launch.  She will be fondly embraced as a permanent member of our family.  We know Chloe has fans, so we provide her bio and website below for those who want to keep track of how she is doing.  Please visit our site and blog often, as we expand our Jasper and Zoe family!

Chloe on grass

Chloe Yorkshire was born in Fairfax, Missouri to a loving family who, for nearly 15 years, has been dedicated to breeding healthy and beautiful yorkshire terriers.  Chloe is three years old, weighs three pounds and comes from a highly pedigreed line of AKC Champions.  She was the first (from a litter of four) to be adopted at eight weeks and moved to live with her wonderful new family.  Chloe loves taking long walks in the morning and in the evening.  Although she may be tiny, she still gets plenty of exercise.  Because of her small frame, a special light weight harness helps keep her comfortable yet under careful leash at all times.  Healthy grooming is also key to her rambunctious outdoorsy lifestyle.  Yorkshire Terriers have thin silky hair, so it’s important to brush and keep tangles out of her lovely locks with a high quality doggy shampoo and conditioner along with a veterinarian approved flea and tick medicine.  Chloe has her teeth brushed every day and her eyes and ears cleaned with an all-natural solution every other day to keep her bright and alert.  Since moving to California with her family, Chloe’s been able to enjoy more time in the sunshine.  However, even doggies need protection, so she is applied a gentle dog-friendly SPF lotion on her sensitive skin when planning to be out at the beach with plenty of water and of course a cool umbrella for shade.

Chloe is a uniquely intelligent dog who not only loves adoration and attention, but absolutely enjoys being challenged during training times and learning new commands.  She is extremely inquisitive and is a very fast learner.  She responds to all basic commands such as, “sit” “stand” “come” “stay” “roll-over” “lay-down”, “jump” and “stand” to “twirling”, “bowing” fetching her toys, running to Daddy or Mommy, running to her designated mark on command, and giving kisses, along with a whole host of others.  She is studying to take her K-9 Good Citizen exam and is learning to become a Service Dog to add a little smile to those in need.  Chloe Yorkshire is a sweet, smart, bouncy and playful dog, and ensuring a healthy lifestyle is her Mommy & Daddy’s number one goal.

To learn more about Chloe and follow her developments, please see www.crookedcakes.com.



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Jasper and Zoe Offers Free Shipping for a Limited Time!

To welcome Fall, Jasper and Zoe is offering free shipping on all orders through 9/30.  Visit us for natural, eco-friendly, and luxury dog products that promote healthy and happy living.  Enter FREESHIP09 at checkout to get the free shipping.  Happy shopping!


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Jasper and Zoe launches “Support the Canine Troops” Campaign

In support of our canine troops, 5% of your purchases in September will go towards supporting U.S. military service dogs. Enter code SERVICEDOG at checkout at Jasper and Zoe to support this cause. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49!

The use of dogs in war, whether as scouts, sentries or trackers, goes back hundreds of years, but since September 11, 2001, the Defense Department has increased the number of military dogs from 1,320 to 2,025, and many have served multiple tours.

Like new recruits, the dogs enter the military through boot camp, where they learn the canine version of soldiering:  basic obedience and how to detect explosives, navigate obstacle courses and sneak up on a house without barking.  They are exposed to the rat-tat-tat of rifles, loud noises and explosions so they can learn to stay cool under fire.  Although they are taught to bite and hold the enemy, they are not trained to kill, officials said.

Please know that by donating to the United States War Dogs Association, Jasper and Zoe is not supporting war or making any kind of political statement.  Instead, we are helping the organization with the cost of shipping dog products and food to our military K-9 friends who are serving side by side with their handlers, in recognition of the challenging and thankless job they do everyday in the service of our country.

If you support the heroism of our military dogs, please enter code SERVICEDOG at checkout, and 5% of your purchase will go to the United States War Dogs Association.  Thank you.

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Jasper and Zoe has a Facebook page!

We are now on Facebook, and we are hosting a virtual launch party in August!  Become our fan, and sign up now for our weekend-long launch event that will be filled with contests, fun, mingling and product giveaways!  See you on Facebook!  http://tinyurl.com/na6jkc

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