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September is National Disaster Preparedness Month!

You can’t disaster-proof everything, but you can be prepared, and those preparations should include safety and comfort measures of your pets in case a catastrophe hits.  We recommend keeping the following items in your pet care/emergency kit:
  • A secure carrier for safe transport, preferably with bedding or a blanket
  • A reflective collar, leash, and harness
  • Dry food (more compact and lightweight)
  • Water
  • A supply of plastic bags
  • A toy or two to help ease the stress
  • Pet first aid kit
  • If your pet is on medication, make sure it is in your kit, along with details of your veterinarian and health records
Having these items ready in case of a disaster could be vital and help minimize stress and panic.  You may also want to pre-research places that will accommodate you as well as your pets, if the need arises.  Being prepared now will provide you with the peace of mind later!


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June is National Pet Preparedness Month!

How prepared are you if an earthquake, a flood, or a tornado were to hit? It can be frightening to consider the question and the consequences, but you would feel better if you have taken the time to prepare yourself and all your loved ones, both human and animal, and include your pets in your emergency plans and safety procedures.

Below are the top ten items for a pet preparedness kit:

1. Food (your pet’s regular food)
2. Water
3. Leash and collar
4. Bowl(s)
5. Photo of your pet/ID and a photo of you with your pet
6. Medications your pet needs
7. Immunization/vet records (keep both updated)
8. Pet carrier
9. First Aid Kit (include bandages, antiseptics and other proper tools)
10. Contact list of pet-friendly hotels, vets, American Red Cross, and out-of-town friends/family

In case of hurricane or flood, provide your pet with a float gear.

Other nice-to-haves include toys, rope, sanitation bags.

JasperandZoe.com offers innovative products to help keep your dogs safe in case of a disaster or emergency.

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