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Easy homemade Halloween Dog Treats!

Last year when we baked pumpkin peanut butter cookies for our pooch Jasper, he went crazy, over-the-moon, happy over them, so this year, we decided to share the goodness and happiness with you!

IMG_4310 IMG_4307

For those of you who don’t like to bake because it involves too much science, don’t worry! This recipe requires few ingredients and is easy to make. So even if you mess it up, your pup will still appreciate the love. Also, it will make your house smell delicious, so you still win.

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Pooch Treats

2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup fresh or canned pumpkin (not seasoned pie filling)
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup water as needed


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Whisk together flour, baking powder, pumpkin, peanut butter and cinnamon in a bowl.

3. Add water as needed, but the dough should be stiff and dry.

4. Roll to 1/2 inch thick and cut with holiday cookie cutters. (or just break up the dough into little pieces and flatten.)

5. Bake for about 40 minutes, or until hard.

Let the treats cool completely, then watch as your pup gobbles them down! We won’t judge you if you’re tempted to try them, too. Go ahead and share one with your best furiend!

These will be great to have on hand for any furry trick-o-treaters who come knocking this year! You can package them up in cute jars for a fun holiday gift, too. Just swap out the Halloween cutters for Christmas ones, and they’d make a pawfect stocking stuffer for the ones you love most.

Special Note: These treats should not replace your pet’s regular meals. Please check with your veterinarian if your pet has special dietary needs or food allergies.

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Happy Holidays


We at JasperandZoe.com want to wish you and your family a very happy and peaceful holiday season.  We have greatly appreciated your business over the past year and look forward to bringing you new and more exciting new products in the year ahead.   We will send another note at the beginning of the new year with announcements for new products and plans for 2013.  Meanwhile, we wish a wonderful holiday season!

From your family at JasperandZoe.com

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August 26 is National Dog Day!

Did you know that August 26 is National Dog Day? The special day has two goals: to honor dogs for all that they do for us and to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse.
The day honors dogs for things that humans can sometimes take for granted.  In addition to giving love and companionship, dogs help us out in countless ways. They are watchdogs for our safety. They lead the blind. Dogs aid in search and rescue, and they seek out bombs and drugs.
The second goal of National Dog Day is to rescue dogs in need. On occasion, dogs need us to save them from homelessness and abuse.
At JasperandZoe.com, we honor dogs everyday, and lend a hand to help dogs in need by contributing a portion of all sales to ASPCA to support the fight against animal cruelty.  Join us in our efforts today by shopping with us!

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It’s Pet Appreciation Week through June 16!

This week through June 16 is pet appreciation week! How do you show your pet you appreciate him/her?  Let us know!  To show our appreciation for you and your pets for simply being wonderful, we are offering 10% off all purchases on JasperandZoe.com through June 16.  Use code “TEN” at checkout!  Have a woofy, happy week!

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JasperandZoe.com Adds Merrick to its Product Lines!

JasperandZoe.com is thrilled to now offer Merrick treats in our online store!

We decided to add Merrick to our products, because it fits with our philosophy of providing high quality, all natural treats to our four-legged best friends. Merrick’s innovative and unique treats have been given to pets by the owners that love them for over 10 years now. Merrick prides itself on being a leader in the treat industry, starting with the highest quality cattle, and a lot of imagination.

One of many Merrick treats our Jasper loves, which we are confident your dogs will love too, is Merrick’s bones and bully stix.  They are smoked, cooked, natural, stuffed, wrapped, plain and meaty.  They come in all shapes and sizes, just like our four legged friends.

And ears.  Really?  Yes, ears!  They are a favorite among many dogs.  Jasper can’t get enough of them.  Dogs of all sizes and ages enjoy packing these things around the yard.  Merrick ears come in smoked or natural flavors and are available in lamb, beef, and even pork.  Merrick’s natural ears will keep your dog entertained for hours on end.  you will keep them out of trouble as long as you keep these original Texas treats on hand!

The Flossies Spiral Chews still turn dog’s heads.  These are the bestsellers.  This is the one treat Jasper always treasures.  The Flossies help fight plague build up as well.  This is just one example of many of Merrick’s all natural products that are fun for the dog while being healthy at the same time.

We hope you will enjoy the Merrick treats as much as we have, especially Jasper!

From your family at JasperandZoe.com

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Wanted: Your dog tips and stories!

We are looking for stories and experiences to share with the JasperandZoe.com community on this blog.  If you have something that could help other dog lovers or simply have a funny story or a question, please feel free to post or email us at info@jasperandzoe.com, and we will be happy to post for you for community feedback!  All posts will receive 10% off your next order on JasperandZoe.com!

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Understanding your dog’s body language and verbal cues

Have you ever wondered why your dog makes those strange muttering sounds at the dinner table? Or why he lays his ears back when confronted with a stranger?  Dogs speak to us, but in a different language. Unfortunately, there’s no Rosetta Stone DVD to help us learn “dog talk.” So, instead, we must analyze it ourselves, keeping it in context, avoiding asserting our own interpretations, and remembering that dogs were once wild animals.

The best way to start is to look to the dog’s ancestor, the wolf. Wolves live in packs and dogs do the same with other pets in the household and their humans. There must be a leader of the pack and that leader should be you. And to be an effective canine leader, you need to know what your dog is trying to tell you.

Dogs communicate in many ways with each other, using verbal cues, body language and facial expressions. They also try to communicate with humans using these methods. Humans, of course, communicate with dogs with commands and phrases. Dogs can learn hundreds of human sounds but they can’t string them together. Thus, the need for short commands such as “Sit!” and “Come!” Many of our communication tools are lost on dogs, such as sarcasm (to indicate frustration) or closed body language (to indicate you’re uncomfortable) or a look of surprise. So, to enhance our communication with our canines, we must learn to get back to the basics and speak “dog.”

Dog Body Language/Facial “Expressions”

Confident and Relaxed

  • Stance – erect
  • Tail – wagging slowly
  • Ears – pricked up but with a relaxed look
  • Eyes – small pupils
  • Mouth – closed or slight parting of lips

Fearful or Anxious

  • Stance – lowered
  • Tail – tucked under
  • Ears – down
  • Eyes – a wide-eyed look with the whites showing
  • Mouth – panting


  • Stance – rigid
  • Tail – straight up or out behind, very rigid
  • Ears – pricked up
  • Eyes – intense, focused stare
  • Mouth – lips are pulled back and some teeth show
  • Hackles – this is a line of hair that starts at the base of the neck and runs down the shoulders. It is raised if a dog is feeling aggressive and lowered if he is relaxed.


  • Stance – dog is pulled into himself
  • Tail – tucked completely under
  • Ears – lying down
  • Eyes – wide-eyed and trouble focusing
  • Mouth – lips pulled back slightly or heavy panting


  • Stance – lying down or standing without any alertness
  • Tail – up and wagging or lying naturally
  • Ears – at their normal state, depending on the breed (A Terrier’s would be up but relaxed, a Hound’s would be down)
  • Eyes – normal pupil dilation, focused but not staring
  • Mouth – open and lightly panting or closed

Dog Verbal Cues

The Howl
This is an attempt to locate someone, perhaps you or the dog down the street. When you leave for work, it’s very possible your dog howls in an effort to get you back. When one dog starts howling in the neighborhood, usually many others join in – it’s sort of like a conference call.

The Growl
This means “back off.” You’ll see a dog growl when another dog gets interested in his food. Your dog may growl at a stranger he doesn’t like or he may growl at you when you try to take his toy away. It’s actually a very effective way of communicating and actually signals that you can probably negotiate that toy away. When a dog is in an aggressive stance and silent, there is the most danger.

The Grunt or Mutter
This is usually to indicate that your dog wants something. It’s an interesting sound because it’s almost manipulative – your dog knows if he barks, he’ll get into trouble but the more subtle “grunt” might get him wants he wants. It is also heard when dogs greet other dogs or humans.

The Whimper
Dogs whimper when they’re anxious or hurt. Sometimes they figure out that they get attention when they whimper and use this to their advantage.

The Whine
This indicates frustration. They are in a sense “complaining” about something.

The Bark
There are many different types of barks. A high pitched bark indicates excitement and happiness. A low pitched bark indicates aggression and is possibly a threat. Dogs bark to get attention, to respond to other dogs, to indicate that they’re happy, and to alert their human to a problem. Unfortunately, your dog may detect a “problem” that you can’t see or hear, such as a siren miles away or the neighbor’s cat hiding in the tree outside the window.

Remember when Lassie sprinted off down the road to find help because Timmy had fallen into a well? Through her verbal cues and body language she was able to lead the rescuers back to the disaster scene. By understanding our dogs’ language, we can better communicate with them and avoid common misunderstandings. And you can be assured that your dog isn’t going crazy when he’s muttering to himself all the time.

(Source: Dogster.com)

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Shop Tax-Free at JasperandZoe.com!

We know you work hard for your money.  As tax day approaches, let us at JasperandZoe.com help you lessen some burden by reminding you that shopping with us is always tax free!  Plus orders always ship for free. For deliveries to pooches in California, where normally California tax is assessed, this weekend through tax day April 18, everything to California ships tax-free!  How sweet is that?  Shop with us today and tell your friends!

Woof, woof —
Your friends at JasperandZoe.com

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Eight Ways to Reassert Your Role as Pack Leader

(Reprint from Dogster.com by JasperandZoe.com)

Is your puppy still being a puppy? Is he challenging your authority and being difficult? It is likely that he is still in his adolescent phase and with all the distractions and curiosities of the world around him, even a well-trained puppy may not always listen. It’s time to go back to basics and reassert yourself as Alpha. Puppies who live in a home where the pack order is clear are more secure, calmer, and, dare we say, happier.

If your puppy is challenging you, you may notice some specific signs. He may become territorial about space or food. He may start jumping on people even if you had trained him not to. He may become rebellious during training sessions. Or he may start marking again. If it’s not in your demeanor to sternly order your puppy around, no worries. There are many ways to reassert your position as Alpha without barking commands.

  1. Be Calm – The calmer you are, the calmer your pup will be. Whenever he gets excited, gently say “Calm!” and don’t proceed with your task until he calms down.
  2. Always Leave First – When you go out for a walk, always be the first one out the door.
  3. Always Eat First – Have your dinner before you feed your puppy. Do not allow begging.
  4. Take Away His Food – At any point during his dinner, you should be able to take away your puppy’s food. If he resists, remove the food and calm him down before returning it and repeating.
  5. Go Back to Basics – Go over the basic obedience commands again. Start with “Sit!” and “Stay!” and move forward only when he re-masters them.
  6. Use the Floor – If your puppy is allowed on the bed or the couch, change this. After he passes this phase, you can probably re-allow him up but, for now, make it clear that his place is on the floor.
  7. Use Your Height – Do not get down to your puppy’s level. Stand or bend over him.
  8. Make Him Move – If your puppy is in your way, don’t walk around him. Gently move him out of your way while saying “Move!”

Remember, in your dog’s mind, your family is a pack and he needs a leader. Imagine how chaotic a home without rules would be for humans and you can see why your puppy will be difficult if you don’t give him structure. If your puppy doesn’t know who is in charge, he will be confused and, subsequently, assume he is supposed to fill that role. If you allow your puppy to be the Alpha, you’ll have a dog who refuses to get off the couch, who eats anything in sight and worse, may become aggressive toward others.

Once your pup is back in his place in the pack, you can modify some of the rules such as getting down on his level. But if the rebellion comes back, revert to a strict stance until he acknowledges you as Alpha again.

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JasperandZoe.com’s 2011 Dog Calendar Now On Sale!

We are thrilled to announce that our first 2011 Dog Calendar is now on sale!  We are proud to feature several doggie stars – Niko, Macy, Jasper, Molly, Abigail, Kasper, Koko Bean, and Yuki!  Our calendars make great holiday gifts, plus a portion of the sales will go to ASPCA.org to fight against animal cruelty.  Support a good cause and order the calendars today.  $14.99.

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