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August 26 is National Dog Day!

Did you know that August 26 is National Dog Day? The special day has two goals: to honor dogs for all that they do for us and to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse.
The day honors dogs for things that humans can sometimes take for granted.  In addition to giving love and companionship, dogs help us out in countless ways. They are watchdogs for our safety. They lead the blind. Dogs aid in search and rescue, and they seek out bombs and drugs.
The second goal of National Dog Day is to rescue dogs in need. On occasion, dogs need us to save them from homelessness and abuse.
At JasperandZoe.com, we honor dogs everyday, and lend a hand to help dogs in need by contributing a portion of all sales to ASPCA to support the fight against animal cruelty.  Join us in our efforts today by shopping with us!

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It’s Pet Appreciation Week through June 16!

This week through June 16 is pet appreciation week! How do you show your pet you appreciate him/her?  Let us know!  To show our appreciation for you and your pets for simply being wonderful, we are offering 10% off all purchases on JasperandZoe.com through June 16.  Use code “TEN” at checkout!  Have a woofy, happy week!

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June is National Pet Preparedness Month!

How prepared are you if an earthquake, a flood, or a tornado were to hit? It can be frightening to consider the question and the consequences, but you would feel better if you have taken the time to prepare yourself and all your loved ones, both human and animal, and include your pets in your emergency plans and safety procedures.

Below are the top ten items for a pet preparedness kit:

1. Food (your pet’s regular food)
2. Water
3. Leash and collar
4. Bowl(s)
5. Photo of your pet/ID and a photo of you with your pet
6. Medications your pet needs
7. Immunization/vet records (keep both updated)
8. Pet carrier
9. First Aid Kit (include bandages, antiseptics and other proper tools)
10. Contact list of pet-friendly hotels, vets, American Red Cross, and out-of-town friends/family

In case of hurricane or flood, provide your pet with a float gear.

Other nice-to-haves include toys, rope, sanitation bags.

JasperandZoe.com offers innovative products to help keep your dogs safe in case of a disaster or emergency.

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Be Our Valentine – Take 14% off your purchase today!

Your dog is special and deserves something special today. On February 14, visit JasperandZoe.com for a 14% discount on all purchases! Sale items are included! Enter code “VDAY14” at checkout.

As always, all orders ship for free and a portion of the proceeds go to support ASPCA’s fight against animal cruelty.

May the spirit of Valentine’s linger throughout the year!

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Kick off 2012 with 12% savings on all orders!

JasperandZoe.com  wishes everyone a healthy and happy new year!  To help your four-legged friends start 2012 on the right paw (pun-intended!), take 12% off all orders this month using code “2012” at checkout!  So tell your family and friends, and use the code over and over again throughout the month before it expires!

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

Woof –


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Didn’t get exactly what you wanted for the holidays or want to get something more and special for your four-legged best friend to kick start the new year?  Visit www.Jasperandzoe.com and take 25% off everything, including sale items!  Just enter code “HOLIDAY25” at checkout for the savings.  Hurry, sale ends January 2, 2012!

As always all orders ship for free and a portion of the sales goes to ASPCA to support the fight against animal cruelty.

Happy new year!

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Mark your calendars – it’s a doggonit one day only sale on Monday, November 28!

From our family at JasperandZoe.com to yours, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy time with your family and friends, and after all the thanks are said and food is consumed, visit JasperandZoe.com on Monday, November 28 for 40% of EVERYTHING in our store! No lines and no special codes necessary. Just visit our site, fill up your doggie bag with goodies, tell your family and friends, click and the doggonit deals are yours! So get an early head start on your holiday gift shopping now and save. We have lots of treats, new toys, collars, leads, and harnesses that make the perfect holiday gifts. So mark your calendars!  Don’t miss this one day only doggonit sale!

As always, all orders ship for free and a portion of the proceeds go to support ASPCA’s fight against animal cruelty.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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JasperandZoe.com Adds Merrick to its Product Lines!

JasperandZoe.com is thrilled to now offer Merrick treats in our online store!

We decided to add Merrick to our products, because it fits with our philosophy of providing high quality, all natural treats to our four-legged best friends. Merrick’s innovative and unique treats have been given to pets by the owners that love them for over 10 years now. Merrick prides itself on being a leader in the treat industry, starting with the highest quality cattle, and a lot of imagination.

One of many Merrick treats our Jasper loves, which we are confident your dogs will love too, is Merrick’s bones and bully stix.  They are smoked, cooked, natural, stuffed, wrapped, plain and meaty.  They come in all shapes and sizes, just like our four legged friends.

And ears.  Really?  Yes, ears!  They are a favorite among many dogs.  Jasper can’t get enough of them.  Dogs of all sizes and ages enjoy packing these things around the yard.  Merrick ears come in smoked or natural flavors and are available in lamb, beef, and even pork.  Merrick’s natural ears will keep your dog entertained for hours on end.  you will keep them out of trouble as long as you keep these original Texas treats on hand!

The Flossies Spiral Chews still turn dog’s heads.  These are the bestsellers.  This is the one treat Jasper always treasures.  The Flossies help fight plague build up as well.  This is just one example of many of Merrick’s all natural products that are fun for the dog while being healthy at the same time.

We hope you will enjoy the Merrick treats as much as we have, especially Jasper!

From your family at JasperandZoe.com

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Keep your dog cool in the heat!

It’s HOT out there! Remember that dogs cannot cool themselves by sweating like humans. They might sweat a small amount through their pads, but the main way a dog cools off is by panting. Unfortunately, panting is not enough when it is extremely hot and humid. Make cool, fresh water available, shelter from the sun, and jump into the pool if your dog likes the water!

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Wanted: Your dog tips and stories!

We are looking for stories and experiences to share with the JasperandZoe.com community on this blog.  If you have something that could help other dog lovers or simply have a funny story or a question, please feel free to post or email us at info@jasperandzoe.com, and we will be happy to post for you for community feedback!  All posts will receive 10% off your next order on JasperandZoe.com!

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