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Celebrate National Dog Day!

Today, August 26, is National Day!  JasperandZoe.com would like to offer some thoughts to get your dog to howl with glee.

  • Remember why you have a dog – Make your dog a part of your family. Spend time with him and train him so he’s a pleasure to be around. Love him unconditionally, and rejoice in the love and trust that is returned to you ten-fold.
  • Commit to walking your dog – Walking your dog is not only important for the physical well-being of your dog, but it’s important for your relationship with your dog. It’s opportunity to bond. It’s also good for your own personal well-being to get out, take in some fresh air, and take a break from the hectic human life.
  • Evaluate the canine diet – Is your four-legged best friend getting all the nutrients he needs? Make sure the kibble you feed is high, premium quality. Research and read the ingredients to make informed judgments. Also remember that their ancestors are wolves that live in the wild, so there’s nothing wrong with cooking high-quality meat and offering it with kibble to your dog. At home, we always cook for our Jasper organic and natural foods and serve with high-quality kibble. Please consult with your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet and to understand any allergies and food sensitivities your dog may have. Just as every person is different, every dog is different.
  • Take care of those canine teeth – Your dog may devour everything you put in his bowl or beg nonstop for treats, but he won’t be able to enjoy everything you offer him if he develops dental issues. There are dental gels in the stores that you can apply on your dog’s teeth daily. Consult your veterinarian for a routine that will ensure your dog’s dental hygiene.
  • Develop a good relationship with your veterinarian – Just like people, dogs need regular medical care; semi-yearly checkups can often result in the early detection of a health problem.

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Our website is Heartbleed Free!

Your personal and private information is of the utmost importance to us.

You may have heard that an Internet bug by the name of Heartbleed was discovered and disclosed through major news outlets a few days ago. Reports have indicated that the bug could affect many popular websites and services.

Rest assured the JasperandZoe.com website is free of the bug!

In response to the Heartbleed bug, we have completed a scan of our Internet site with an industry-standard toolset to verify that our website is free of the Heartbleed vulnerability. In addition, we constantly monitor our environment to ensure the safe use of our website.

As an added measure of safeguard, we would like to offer some suggestions to help you check your personal and private information when you are on the Internet. Your first step should be to check websites you commonly use for their responses to the Heartbleed bug. Follow their instructions for updating your protection. You can check whether your commonly used websites are vulnerable to Heartbleed bug by using this tool: https://lastpass.com/heartbleed/. In addition, it’s always good security practice to establish unique passwords for each website or service and to change these account passwords every ninety days.

Thank you for trusting our website and we appreciate your business.



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Happy Holidays


We at JasperandZoe.com want to wish you and your family a very happy and peaceful holiday season.  We have greatly appreciated your business over the past year and look forward to bringing you new and more exciting new products in the year ahead.   We will send another note at the beginning of the new year with announcements for new products and plans for 2013.  Meanwhile, we wish a wonderful holiday season!

From your family at JasperandZoe.com

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Can Dogs Get Colds?

Can dogs get colds? They sure can! Colds in dogs are pretty common and are often caused by the various germs and viruses. Symptoms of a cold include: cough, runny eyes, yellowish green discharge from the nose, and frequent sneezes.

Can dogs get colds from humans though?  No.  While dogs suffer from a number of respiratory illnesses which may seem quite similar to the common cold symptoms in humans, there is no way humans can infect dogs.  Dogs can, however, contract a cold by being in close contact with an already infected dog.  So if you suspect your dog of suffering from a cold, keep him away from other dogs to avoid any kind of further infection spread.  Give him plenty of time to rest and recover.  Please consult your vet for cold remedies.

We wish you and dogs good health!

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Launching a socially responsible online dog boutique in Summer 2009!

We are excited to be launching a socially responsible online dog boutique in the Summer of 2009! Our mission is to promote a healthy, happy lifestyle for dogs through this blog and via our carefully selected natural/eco-friendly and luxury/innovative comfort product lines. We will be periodically posting our updates here, so come back regularly to visit and share your thoughts on how you help your dog(s) live happy, healthy lifestyles, so we can all learn from you!

Woof, woof!
Jasper and Zoe

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