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September is National Disaster Preparedness Month!

You can’t disaster-proof everything, but you can be prepared, and those preparations should include safety and comfort measures of your pets in case a catastrophe hits.  We recommend keeping the following items in your pet care/emergency kit:
  • A secure carrier for safe transport, preferably with bedding or a blanket
  • A reflective collar, leash, and harness
  • Dry food (more compact and lightweight)
  • Water
  • A supply of plastic bags
  • A toy or two to help ease the stress
  • Pet first aid kit
  • If your pet is on medication, make sure it is in your kit, along with details of your veterinarian and health records
Having these items ready in case of a disaster could be vital and help minimize stress and panic.  You may also want to pre-research places that will accommodate you as well as your pets, if the need arises.  Being prepared now will provide you with the peace of mind later!


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